8.5% picked “Other” and offered you along with your response as a write-in. Also, many individuals wrote in solutions while they’d in addition examined off an aforementioned class, because you truly wished united states to understand the total phrase of personal truth. For this, we salute you. Thank you so much for being therefore available with our team all.

Thus, here you will find the gayest ways you met your spouse, pulled through the write-in package from the Autostraddle Reader research and torn mercilessly out-of context to suit your collective enjoyment:

7. She presented the entranceway personally on library, we provided my greatest femme up-down-checking-you-out, she held eye contact for a full half a minute, we supplied her guide support for a paper she ended up being creating, I asked her around.

8. In a talk area for a Cathy DeBuono internet series

9. LiveJournal- Lesbians Community

10. on line but not like internet dating – we came across through a fan community forum for an Australian truth tv program contestant. We 1st came across personally at certainly one of mentioned performer’s concerts organized from the follower discussion board.

11. Through her girl.

12. She actually is my personal exes exes ex. And yes, the exes introduced united states although we remained together.

13. She was internet dating my good friend and in addition we did that lesbian thing where absolutely unpleasant emotional overlap but it all resolved in conclusion!

14. I was a consumer at the woman makeup countertop.

15. They have been my bike auto mechanic.

16. At a local yoga studio.

17. woman Scout camp is a magical location.

18. We went along to nursery school together and came across once more as grownups

18. Smashing the patriarchy and organizing for a rape situation target our very own school university while also using a sex studies course. Also I became a data part of the woman thesis. It had been about sex neutral property. The audience is homosexual.

19. At an A-Camp Introvert Meet-Up. We’ve been quiet collectively since.

20. Within the sci-fi/fantasy portion of the local bookshop

21. a science-fiction meeting

22. The Strand Bookstore Should Prefer Books Queer Woman Increase Dating

23. Lesbian Book Club

24. Volunteering at an LGBTQ Literary Event

25. Potterheads meet-up

26. At an Autostraddle London performance online dating occasion 🙂

27. At our very own gay-ass sorority

28. At the deliberate community/commune we always live at.

29. We relocated into a co-op on top of that and installed in the kitchen a great deal because we had been both unemployed.

30. Discussed accommodations while both carrying out study for the experts in Arctic

31. On Autostraddle! We gone to live in a little area in britain where there seemed to be no lesbians! But a quick look from inside the Autostraddle users directory proved or else (there was clearly just one)

32. I found myself students teacher shopping for advice from my outdated guide, she was in my personal mentors class. Therefore it is both work and school and yeah…makes me personally resemble a creep.

33. At a Colleen Green tv show where there were just like 20 individuals overall. we had been both bringing the subway house exactly the same way and hit right up a conversation

34. LGBTQ flag soccer league

35. Through British Army rugby

36. Paragliding, we have been both pilots

37. She was instructing her boy’s U6 team and that I was actually training my relative’s group. We played one another.

38. Poly occasions, perverted play events and a Nightvale dancing Party

39. On Xbox alive 8 in years past

40. AnimeFest

41. At An Ebony Resides Thing protest

42. Training for an emergency counseling hotline

43. At a regular conversation meeting for anarchists

44. LGBT service class, back when you needed those

45. At a property tv series in Brooklyn

46. At a Drag Program

47. Adversaries in a music opposition just who fell in love?

48. town feminine fronted musical organization opposition. Essentially an LGBT occasion

49. I’m in a nearby LGBT young people twitter class thing for the urban area and now we meet up every handful of vacations and hang out

50. Picked me up hitchhiking

51. creating an imaginary clothes. (perhaps not a euphemism.)

52. Unfortunately

53. Church camp??!!

54. She had been (and is) the cutest staff member on pet shop therefore I requested this lady out while purchasing puppy meals.

55. Roller derby. These Types Of cliché.

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